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What is

It is an analytical platform with social functionality used by over 30 million traders and investors around the world to discover the opportunities offered by the financial market. If so many people around the world are using this platform to study and analyze charts every day, we can certainly say that it is a highly reliable tool.

Open your TradingView account and install WaveUP Indicator in a few minutes

The flexibility of the TradingView® platform allows the development of customizable technical indicators.

The WaveUP Team, composed of independent traders with decades of experience in the financial world, has developed “WaveUP Indicator ©” which uses and applies the main and most important rules of Technical Analysis in a single, easy-to-use tool.

WaveUP Indicator © works perfectly on the TradingView® platform, highlighting its potential and helping traders to improve and / or confirm their studies.

You don't have a TradingView® account? No worries!

TradingView® is a platform for the study of Technical Analysis charts that is very versatile and suitable for everyone. It is possible in a few minutes to create a completely free account and allow you to use all of its potential immediately.

In addition to the free plan, TradingView® also provides 3 other paid plans with increasing upgrades. WaveUP Indicator © works very well on all the proposed plans, even the free one.

Create your new TradingView® account by visiting their official website

And after opening a TradingView account,
how to get access to Wave Indicator?

WaveUP Indicator © is a tool that can be used on TradingView® only by invitation only and regulated by a subscription contract.

Once the access request and its order have been completed, it will be possible to share access to the indicator and therefore its use; the accuracy of the registration data will allow you to speed up the purchase / installation process, eliminating errors and wasted time:

In addition to the identification and unique billing data, it is necessary to provide the following information:

  • TradingView® username (make sure it is spelled correctly, indicating any uppercase and lowercase letters; without an accurate username we will not be able to send you the indicator)
  • Your reference email (make sure you write the email correctly, so check it carefully, because it will be the only reference channel for sending you all the access information, any communications related to the service and the sending of payment receipts / invoices)
  • In no way must you communicate your TradingView® password as it is not absolutely necessary to start the service. If anyone requests it, be wary of this request because it is not related to our product.

When ordering, after creating your reserved area and entering the required data, you can choose the type of indicator that best suits your needs: STANDARD, PRO or PREMIUM and make the purchase.

You will be immediately sent a confirmation email with relative payment receipt and access to the reserved area where you can consult the WAVE UP INDICATOR setting instructions online to start using it immediately.

In case you do not find our answer within a few minutes of purchasing, check that the email details provided are correct or check spam. Insert immediately the support email support@waveupindicator.com among your favorites, so as to avoid that in the future it will go into spam.

WaveUP Indicator © installation on Tradingview®

To use WaveUP Indicator © it is necessary to log in to the TradingView® platform and open any chart.

TradingView® Dashboard

WaveUP Indicator © installation is very simple. Within 24 hours of your purchase, we will share the indicator chosen during the purchase directly on the TradingView ® account provided.

You will find WaveUP Indicator © in the specific button dedicated to Indicators & Strategies (1), in the Script by invitation (2) section of TradingView®. By opening this last session and selecting WaveUP Indicator ©, you will be able to use it on your chart immediately.

The green padlock (3) establishes that the indicator is ready for use immediately. If the padlock color is red, it means that the indicator is not active.

There can be two reasons for inactivity:

  1. You are viewing a different product than the chosen subscription type.
  2. Your subscription has expired and / or has not been renewed, interrupting the service.

We invite you to save WaveUP Indicator © in your favorite indicators: this will make it easier to find it. Just select the star (4) next to the chosen product to insert WaveUP Indicator © in the favorites section (5).

Dashboard Script su invito TradingView®

If within 24 hours the invite script box (2) is still empty, try logging out of your account and restarting TradingView®.

This operation is often necessary to allow the account to be synchronized with an external script.

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