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Standard, Pro or Premium

WaveUP Indicator is available in 3 different versions, all featureS rich

In addition to all the general characteristics,
each subscription plan provides unique utility tools.

Check the contents of the 3 versions and choose the best solution for your study needs.

Specific contents Standard Pro Premium
Customize the sensitivity of the signals and the colors of the candles
Sentiment Trend Follow
Bull & Bear area
WaveUP Cloud area
Automatic stop loss
Automatic Fibonacci retracement and extensions
Volume Pressure Oscillator
Volume Escalation indicator
WaveUP Indicator©


Already from the “Standard” version WaveUP Indicator is equipped with a series of tools and customizations that will amaze you!


tablet device
Customize the basic colors of candles and labels.
You can also choose 2 primary colors, one for BUY and one for SALE which color all the candles alternating only when the signal changes



tablet device
Choose the frequency of the signals from 4 different sensitivity degrees.
Adapt the indicator to your trading style: maximum sensitivity for frequent signals, minimum sensitivity to identify only the most important reversals.



tablet device
WaveUP Indicator shows on the graph the trend line of market sentiment that follows the price change in real time. This way you can easily spot the current trend.
WaveUP Indicator©


To the features already included in the Standard plan, add fundamental functionalities for your technical studies.


tablet device

With the BULL & BEAR areas you can confirm the intensity of the strength of buyers / sellers.

The change of color establishes the exhaustion of the trend and the principle of inversion.

(available in “Pro” and “Premium” versions)

WaveUP Cloud Area

tablet device

Check the most important areas of support and resistance directly on your chart thanks to WaveUP Clouds (2).

One more valid tool to confirm the price target!

(available in “Pro” and “Premium” versions)


tablet device

Automatically inserts stop loss levels to all candles marked with BUY or SELL signal.

You can choose between narrow or wide stop loss insertion.

(available in “Pro” and “Premium” versions)
WaveUP Indicator©


If you are a really demanding trader, here are two real additional indicators and unique features.
For a complete top-of-the-range product.


tablet device

Enter the Fibonacci extensions and retracements automatically on the chart.

The function will adapt to each time frame selected.

(available exclusively to WaveUP Indicator “Premium” subscribers)



tablet device

Get an additional oscillator that studies buyer / seller pressure. Observe the overbought and oversold phases and read the directly important PIVOT points in the histogram.

(available exclusively to WaveUP Indicator “Premium” subscribers)


tablet device

This supplementary indicator available for Premium customers verifies the strength and speed of the buyers / sellers’ negotiations during the market phases by interpolating the Order Flow.

(available exclusively to WaveUP Indicator “Premium” subscribers)

Sounds like a great indicator!

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