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The WaveUP Indicator© algorithm compares the data provided by the chart regarding prices, volatility, order flow, and all the relationships between buyers and sellers of each financial instrument.

The result of this calculation gives a signal of trend reversal which with high probability will continue its course.

Main Features


BUY and SELL signals are reported immediately, in whatever time-frame is used, the instant they are generated.


The indicator is designed to avoid the phenomenon of “ repainting ” since it is based solely on historical price data valued at candlestick close.

set automatic alarms

Set up alerts and receive timely BUY or SELL signals on the chart, in your email inbox, on the TradingView® app, or via text message

Integrated Dashboard

Everything under control
From the indicator set-up, to the situation of key market indicators

choose your chart

The indicator adapts to the type of chart chosen, showing BUY and SELL signals with the same calculation methodology.

ANY time frame

WaveUP Indicator operates on any time-frame setting by automatically adapting the generated BUY/SELL signals.

Watch it in action!

WaveUP Indicator is simple and intuitive.

In the presence of reversal signals, a “BUY” label on a  yellow  candle: this will be a clear entry signal on the beginning of an uptrend. The label “SELL” and the corresponding candle coloration in   orange  will instead indicate the exit signal for the beginning of a downtrend.

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