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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we have enclosed the most common questions in macro-topics
Click on one of the topics below to open the detail.

Technical support

I need support, what can i do?

Search for your specific request in the FAQ, there is probably already an answer that suits you. If you require further support, you can write directly to: support@waveupindicator.com

How soon is it possible to have direct contact with the team in case of problems? How quickly is the answer given?

We try to reply as soon as possible. Delays in replying may be caused by different time zones which limit immediate communication. We certainly reply within 24 hours of the request.

How can I report a problem?

We are very attentive to customer recommendations. You can send your observations directly to support@waveupindicator.com

In the indicators and strategies section the padlock is red. How should I behave?

If the indicator has a red padlock it can mean 2 things:

  1. the subscription has expired and must therefore be reactivated with a payment;
  2. the indicator with the red padlock is not the product you have chosen and will normally disappear within 24-48 hours. This happens when you upgrade or downgrade your product.

For any other problem you can contact the customer service directly at support@waveupindicator.com

How and by when will I get WaveUp Indicator ©?

You can find all information in this page

Why am I getting "study_not_auth" error?

This error message occurs when a user does not have access to the indicator.
In order to access the indicator, it is necessary to sign up for a subscription.

Why am I getting "Internal Server Study" error?

WaveUp Indicator © has a large number of functions in the most complete versions and in some occasions TradingView® is not able to handle script loads in high traffic conditions. This error can appear when a large number of functions are enabled simultaneously. Changing the settings inside the indicator or simply hiding / reactivating it will make the script recalculate and generally solve the problem.

If I sign up for a TradingView® subscription, is WaveUp Indicator © included in this subscription?

No, WaveUp Indicator © is an additional TradingView® tool, so to be able to use it, you need to subscribe to the indicator separately from the TradingView® platform.

If I sign up for a WaveUp Indicator © subscription, does the subscription to the TradingView® platform include?

No, WaveUp Indicator © and TradingView ® are two different products.
It is not possible to take out a subscription to WaveUp Indicator © without first having a subscription (even to the free plan) to TradingView®.

Payments and Refunds

What is the refund policy? Can I get a refund?

The refund policy is specified in the order. You can request a refund within 14 business days of accessing the product. After 14 days, it will not be possible to request any kind of refund and WaveUp Indicator © will be usable until the subscription expires. Refound is always expected within 14 days of using the indicator by writing directly to support@waveupindicator.com

In case of a refund request, how long should I wait?

The refound takes place within 24-48 hours of the request with the same form of payment with which it was received. Information on the refund process will always be reported via email to the address provided during registration.

I paid for the subscription but I have a red padlock, what is it due to? How do I solve the problem?

Check that the payment has been successful and that you have received the payment receipt by email. If the payment is correct, contact the assistance service directly at support@waveupindicator.com communicating the details of your TradingView® account and attaching the payment receipt. As soon as possible we will solve the problem by reactivating the subscription.

I paid for the subscription but did not receive the indicator. How do I solve the problem?

Check that the payment has been successful and that you have the receipt of payment by email. Logout of TradingView and login to the platform again and check again. If the payment is correct, contact the assistance service directly at support@waveupindicator.com communicating the details of your TradingView® account and attaching the payment receipt. As soon as possible we will solve the problem by reactivating the subscription.

How is it possible to pay?

You can see all forms of payment on the subscriptions page.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

No, in order to avoid issues related to activation time, this form of payment is not provided.

Are there any discount codes available?

There will be soon an affiliate program that allows you to get a discount on your subscription by introducing new paying affiliates. 

I need help with a payment, how can I contact you?

You can contact the service department directly at support@waveupindicator.com

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by entering your Reserved Area and canceling the subscription.

Once you cancel the subscription, the indicator will still remain active until the end of the paid period at the end of which you will NOT be charged again.

How do I reactivate my subscription in case I change my mind?

To reactivate your subscription, log in to your Reserved Area and, at the subscription marked"Cancelled," click the"Reactivate Subscription" button.
You will again have access to WaveUP Indicator© on TradingView® within 24 hours of your request.

If you do not receive access again within 24 hours, please email support@waveupindicator.com with your username and our team will make sure you are set up as quickly as possible.

I need help with a payment, how can I contact you?

You can contact the service department directly at support@waveupindicator.com


What kind of subscriptions are provided? (price bands,monthly,semiannual annual...)

We offer 3 types of monthly subscription: STANDARD (€29.00), PRO (€49.00) and PREMIUM (€69.00).
Booth Monthly or annual subscriptions are available

Find all the information about subscriptions and costs on the Versions and Content page.

Is it possible to perform a subscription upgrade?

Of course! You can upgrade your purchased product at any time. If you upgrade during the term of your previous subscription, you will pay the additional cost only for the days remaining until the expiration date.
If, for example, after 15 days of a €29 STANDARD subscription you decide to upgrade to a PRO subscription, you will pay the PRO subscription fee only for the remaining 15 days before the expiration (49/30 = €1.63 multiplied by the 15 days €1.63x15gg = €24.5). From the following month the subscription cost will be confirmed for 49€ until the next expiration date.

What is the difference between the three versions of the indicator?

You can find a table comparing the indicators on the Versions and Contents page.

Is it possible to request the free trial? And quanto dura?

We do not currently provide a free trial of the indicator, but we do give the option to withdraw from the subscription within 7 calendar days of activation.

In these 7 days you can evaluate at any time in the market how good the product is and choose whether it is suitable for your needs or not.

By requesting withdrawal within 7 calendar days, the service will be terminated and the full cost paid will be refunded to you.

Please note

In addition to paid indicators, we have a number of completely free custom indicators that you can use at any time by downloading them from the TradingView® library.


How can I install WaveUp Indicator on my TradingView®?

Follow the step-by-step installation instructions given on this page.

On what platforms can I use this indicator?

WaveUp Indicator© is designed for use on the TradingView® platform on which you can run your studies.

Can I share the indicator with other users?

No. The indicator we provide is linked to the TradingView® account you indicated during purchase. Only this account can use the indicator.

Can the indicator be used on any device?(cell phone, computer, tablet...)

Because WaveUp Indicator© is directly linked to TradingView®, any device that supports TradingView® as a platform is fit for purpose.

Is it possible to use it on Metatrader?

No, currently WaveUp Indicator© is only available for TradingView®.

Is there a version for Metatrader?

No, WaveUp Indicator© is not currently available for MT4 or MT5.

What are the requirements to be able to use WaveUp Indicator©?

The basic requirement to use WaveUp Indicator© is to have an active TradingView® account. It does not matter what type of subscription you have chosen of the TradingView® platform: the indicator works with any version of TradingView® subscription as early as"basic," which is free.

For more information visit the in-depth page.

Can I change my access to another TradingView® account?

Yes. You need to send your new username, along with your old one, to support@waveupindicator.com. Our support team will manually change your login within 24 hours.

Do I need to update TradingView® to use it?

No, it is not necessary. The indicator works 100 percent already with the basic TradingView® plan (free plan).
Sign up for free TradingView® by going to their official website.


How does WaveUp Indicator© work?

Find out how it works.

What does the indicator include?

Find out the contents and compare versions on the comparison page.

What other services can I find besides the Indicator?

WaveUp Indicator comes complete with set-up instructions for customization. You will find them in your Private Area after purchase.

In addition to this, in the Strategy section you can find strategies to use with the indicator for more effective use.
The strategies were studied and applied directly by our staff.


Is specific training or knowledge needed to use the indicator?

No, WaveUp Indicator© is designed precisely for those who need to improve their knowledge. The simple and clear reversal signals are suitable for everyone, even those without specific knowledge or training.

In addition to the indicator, however, we provide a number of strategies that will help you in its use.

In the section Learn To Trade, completely free of charge, there are also excellent notions of Technical Analysis to improve your knowledge.

Is this indicator also suitable for those with little experience?

Not much experience is needed to understand the signals and features provided by WaveUP Indicator©; however, trading can be difficult and takes time to learn, regardless of the indicators on the charts.

If you are not familiar with trading or technical analysis in general, start by checking out the free section

We then recommend that you do simulated trading, studying risk management until you become familiar with how it works and build some confidence in trading.

There is no magic indicator, algorithm, robot, EA or signal provider that will enable you to make easy money in the markets if you do not know the basics of trading.

When is it best to use the indicator?

WaveUp Indicator© is a most useful tool for your studies and is always helpful in any situation, including the study of signals in pre-market and after-hours.

Which version of indicator is recommended? Is the version related to the degree of preparation?

The three subscription types are structured to be used by anyone.
Each upgrade allows you to add new features to enhance your studies and apply increasingly advanced study strategies.

What is the time horizon of an investment made with the indicator?

This depends on your expectations and trading style!
Studies can be carried out on very short time frames of a few minutes, as well as studies referring to weekly time frames lasting months.

WaveUp Indicator© is a study tool that helps you confirm your strategies.


Does the indicator cause repainting problems?

No. WaveUp Indicator© was designed based only on historical candlestick closing data. This allows for certainty of the data, avoiding repainting situations.

In addition, when you set price alerts related to any Indicator or Strategy, TradingView® alerts you if there is coding that may lead to repainting by showing a warning like this:

Warning TradingView® - informs of the possibility that the installed instrument may generate Repainting

WaveUp Indicator© is exempt from this warning as proof of its proper design.

We recommend being wary of any indicator or strategy that carries these warnings.


What is the suggested setting for the indicator?

WaveUp Indicator© provides 4 types of signal sensitivity. Depending on one's personal trading style, one can have frequent signals to intercept every slightest change in trend, rather than signals only on the most important turning points that obviously incur delays from maximum sensitivities.

The standard setting is what we suggest and routinely use for our studies.

The signals should not be used completely blindly, and we advise users to use them as part of their discretionary analysis.

What is the recommended setting for an inexperienced person?

Inexperienced people tend to use a minimal sensitivity (LOW) setting that produces fewer signals; only after a few weeks it will be easy for you to understand which setting to use, based on your studies and your trading style.

Where can I find complete instructions for setting the indicator?

All detailed instructions of the indicator setting can be found in your Reserved Area, which can be accessed online only after subscription.


Is the indicator suitable for all market types (stocks, bonds, futures etc...) ?

Yes, the indicator is suitable for all types of markets and trading Time Frames provided by the TradingView® platform.

Forex, Stocks, Futures, CFDs, ETFs, Indices, Bonds use WaveUp Indicator © without problems.

In which time frames is it most accurate?

This depends on the financial instrument used. The flexibility of the indicator is such as to be able to identify the best set-up thanks to the variability of the signal sensitivity.

Can I use the indicator for cryptocurrencies?

Yes, you can use WaveUp Indicator© on all cryptocurrencies managed by the TradingView® platform.

In which markets and in which time frames is it usable?

WaveUp Indicator© can be used in all markets and time frames available on the TradingView® platform.

Are there situations where WaveUp Indicator does not work?

WaveUp Indicator © is designed to work on all financial instruments offered by TradingView®. The only limitations concern the possible malfunction of TradingView® itself in cases of platform maintenance.


Is the indicator reliable? What is its degree of success? How many trades are in profit on average?

The indicator is discretionary and not an AI, so there is no backtest to attest to an objective data.
This is the reason why we give the possibility to test this tool for 14 days to objectively give you proof of its validity.

On which time frames is the indicator most effective?

WaveUp Indicator works on all time frames from 1 second up to monthly. This allows you to apply your trading style smoothly.

Each financial instrument has its own ideal setting depending on the volatility and volumes involved on what is being studied, which is why it is necessary to establish the right compromise between signal sensitivity and time frame to identify the best possible set-up.

What strategy is recommended for an inexperienced person?

WaveUp Indicator© provides a range of strategies to match the indicator starting with the simplest ones related to the Standard subscription. The use of WaveUp Indicator© combined with Standard strategies is within everyone's reach.

Which strategy, among those proposed on your website, performs best with this indicator?

Each strategy has its advantages. There is no one strategy that is better than the other, you simply follow the one that best suits your needs and trading style.

Can strategies be used to make the best use of WaveUp Indicator©?

In addition to the most common trading strategies, we have provided our expertise by writing special strategies to make the best use of WaveUp Indicator©

Is it possible to set WaveUp indicator in autotrading?

No, WaveUp Indicator©is an indicator and not an AI strategy. Therefore, it does not allow automatic trading.


How come on a chart I see only SELL signals or only BUY signals and not both?

If this happens, it can be traced to a bug in the graph type that takes data from third parties, replicating it incorrectly.

Usually these are charts generated by TradingView® with their logo, generating false signals, or not considering them at all.
It is therefore not recommended to use this type of chart.

Above is an example: the first ticker is linked to a chart created by TradingView® using third-party data and creates the BUG, while all others, while representing the same chart, do not give any kind of problem.

Why immediately after a sell signal do I again have a buy signal (or vice versa) at a similar price?

Signals are generated by the buying or selling pressure of buyers who remain in constant equilibrium in some situations. We can then have such situations where we have a BUY signal given by the major push of buyers and immediately afterwards a SELL signal given by a predominant proportion of sellers. These are highly balanced lateral phases. By using minimum sensitivity, background noise is eliminated by decreasing these types of continuous signals.

Why does lowering the time frame show different signals?

WaveUp Indicator© is built to identify market turns based on data from the volume, market sentiment, and volatility of the instrument studied. If the calculation of this data predicts a reversal start as early as after 2 hours of market trading, a BUY or SELL signal will be shown as early as the end of the 2H time frame candle. If the time frame is set to the daily, we will have to wait until the end of the daily candle to get the same result.

Why do the signals change when I change the sensitivity?

The sensitivity of WaveUp Indicator© is built to eliminate or not eliminate background noise in the lowest, as opposed to the highest, sensitivities. Parameters set to the lowest sensitivity eliminate certain signals compared to the most sensitive set-up.

Maximum sensitivity, on the other hand, takes into account any slightest sign of a trend turn.

Are there situations when the indicator returns false signals?

Any strategy or indicator is not foolproof, even if it has high success rates. All false signals are intercepted by cross calculations on the analyzed data, but it may happen that on minimal sensitivity some signals are not detected in some time frames. These are percentages below 5 percent, but they exist and should be taken into account.

How reliable are WaveUp Indicator© signals?

No indicator can guarantee 100% signal perfection, and we are no exception either. Despite this, we have developed a truly outstanding product with amazing results that you can see for yourself. All of our customers, already during the trial period, can see for themselves the accuracy of the product.

Are WaveUp Indicator© signals in real time or are they shown with delay?

The TradingView® platform provides market data free of charge, but due to restrictions imposed by some exchanges, some data can be viewed on a delayed basis. TradingView® gives the option of upgrades to receive real-time data updates.

WaveUp Indicator© adjusts to the account profile subscribed to TradingView® by providing BUY and SELL signals, in real time if your account has this feature.

BUY and SELL signals are then immediate as soon as the candle closes, in whatever time-frame is used. At the same instant, notifications of signal occurrence will arrive on the preset alerts.

What does it mean when a candle paints yellow or orange but without a Buy/Sell indication?

WaveUp Indicator© intercepts the trend start signal from the very beginning, so it starts painting the candle according to whether it is an ascending (yellow) or descending (orange) movement.
The BUY or SELL signal, however, occurs only and exclusively at the close of the candle of the chosen time frame to confirm the validity of the historical data.

Can the indicator also be used for short purchases?

The indicator shows both Long buy and Short short sell signals. You can use these studies to apply them to your referral broker's orders.

Are there situations where WaveUp Indicator does not work?

WaveUp Indicator© is enabled to work on all financial instruments present on TradingView® without any problems. The only cases of non-functioning are given by the TradingView® platform which may be temporarily under maintenance.


How can I set an alert on the indicator?

The setting is very simple. Find all the information in the SET-UP instructions for the indicator in your Private Area, or directly on the TradingView® site.

How many alerts can I enter? (guidance on different time frames and number of Securities on which I can place the alert)

The number of Alerts that can be used depends on the TradingView® subscription plan. The basic subscription is free and provides only for the placement of 1 Alert at a time up to the Premium subscription that offers up to 400 Alerts that can be set at once.

How can I know when a signal is sent without always keeping TradingView open? (alert)

WaveUp Indicator© offers the ability to link TradingView® Alerts to all BUY and SELL signals in any chosen time frame. This way you can receive notification of the signal directly on APP, on Phone or by email at the exact moment that WaveUp Indicator© generates the signal.


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