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The unique indicator
to be applied
to your studies

Intercept Market Reversals

WaveUP Indicator promptly reports the inversions in each Time Frame consulted.

Indicates correct entry / exit timing

Immediate BUY and SELL alerts follow the buyer’s / seller’s sentiment with extreme precision.

It excludes the emotionality of trading

Operations without emotion, useful to confirm graphical studies with rationality.

Problem... Solution!


Market trends are governed by price volatility, the buying and selling volumes of market participants and the relative strength of purchases.

Identifying the correct movement is not always immediate, often takes a position too early or too late,
 generating inefficiency on the performance


WaveUP Indicator has concentrated all the data necessary to interpret the market in an algorithm. It catches the trends already in their initial phase, provides a reliable Timing and eliminates the emotionality

WaveUP Indicator can be used on any type of Stock, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Futures, Index, Bonds and CFDs in any timeframe used and in any market session (including pre-market and after hour)

Identify every movement

on your TradingView® chart

WaveUP Indicator provides a series of buy (BUY) or sell (SELL) signals whenever the buy or sell sentiment conditions of the market are confirmed.

During the trading-range phases, where the market does not have a precise direction, but tends to be lateral, it is possible to identify any small movement for short swing trading operations.

Change the sensitivity of the signal and adapt the indicator to your trading style!

The use of WaveUP Indicator is recommended
in combination with other technical market analysis tools.

Customizable Alarms

It is not necessary to follow the market every moment, it is sufficient to activate the Alert signals. Any BUY or SELL will be notified instantly.

Set alarms directly on your TradingView® account!
Receive notifications by email, pop-up alert on the chart or directly on the TradingView® App on your smartphone.

Learn more about integration

Which strategies to match?

The best strategies to get the most out of your WaveUP indicator?
We’ll explain it to you!

For each type of subscription, we have studied specific strategies that you will be able to put into practice easily and make your indicator make the most of.

Other questions? Here are the answers!

Why would I need an indicator?

WaveUP Indicator promptly informs you of the reversal signals that are of fundamental importance for your trading!

It can therefore be very useful if:

  1. You want to have immediate confirmation of the start of a trend
  2. You want to easily identify the correct entry / exit timing on the market
  3. You want to control the emotional aspect, while receiving confirmations on your studies

On what is the buy or sell signal based?

The complex algorithmic calculation allows to cross a series of data for each time frame, correlating the market "sentiment", the purchase and sale volumes, the Bid and Ask orders directly on the Book and the price volatility of each individual financial instrument studied. The result of this calculation will give a trend reversal signal which with a high probability will continue its path.

Does the signal create "Repainting"?

We don't have this problem! To allow the "BUY and SELL signals" to be true, the data collected are calculated only and exclusively at the close of the candle of the time-frame applied. This is the guarantee to have certain, real signals, based on the historical data and not on informations generated before the closing of the candle, which can be misleading by generating "repainting".

Does WaveUP Indicator work on all financial instruments?

You can use the indicator during your technical analysis on:

  • Stocks (all markets)
  • Futures (all markets)
  • Forex (all currencies)
  • Crypto (all markets)
  • CFDs (all markets)
  • ETFs (all markets)
  • Index (all markets)
  • Bonds (all markets)

WaveUP Indicator© is enabled to operate on all financial instruments offered by the TradingView® platform


What charts does this indicator work on?

WaveUP Indicator can be used on

  • Bar charts
  • Japanese candlestick or candlestick charts
  • Heikin Ashi Charts
  • Renko charts
  • Range Charts

You will be able to use the chart of your choice as the indicator works best with everyone.

NOTE: our team usually uses the classic Candlestick chart, as shown in all the examples shown.

Are there any limits to the use of the indicator linked to the markets or time frames?

WaveUP Indicator can be used easily on all markets supported by TradingView® and all available time frames provided by the platform itself.

The calculation methods are the same on each candle close, be it monthly, weekly, daily and so on up to 1 second (the more short time-frames are used, the more signals will be frequent).

Learn more about how it works on the detail page.

Can I use it during all market hours?

The algorithm used by WaveUP Indicator can be used during all trading hours relating to the financial instrument traded.

WaveUP Indicator is fully functional even in Pre-Market and After-Hour on all markets supported by TradingView®

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