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We also warn you that any graphs or technical studies published in the WaveUP channels may include investment opinions exclusively based on the Technical Analysis of Financial Markets; therefore, the user is advised not to make any investment decisions without first carrying out personal research.

The user is solely responsible for deciding whether an investment, strategy or any other product is suitable and appropriate for their needs based on their goals and personal and financial situation. No content and / or any type of information can be considered as a substitute for financial / investment advice.

Before making any trading decisions, users are advised to consult a financial advisor.

WaveUP group


We established four ground rules to
always guarantee you a quality service

1. You won't get financial advice from us

2. A trading system must be simple

3. Make decisions just without stress

4. Use WaveUp services to become independent

You won't get financial advice from us

We are not financial advisors.

Our job is to study charts, interpret them in the best possible way and provide control tools that can help you make your own personal decisions.

In this way we stay focused on what we see, without any conditioning.

A trading system must be simple

A trading system, in addition to being effective, must be as simple as possible to use.

WaveUP Indicator is the synthesis of simplicity with BUY and SELL signals that intercept changes of direction.

Combined with clear and simple usage strategies, they give life to a highly practical tool.

Just make decisions without stress

The emotional component is the main cause of losses for most investors.

That’s why we have studied an indicator that works for you, helping you in your decisions.

Use WaveUp services to become independent

What’s better than a happy customer? A happy self-employed customer!

A quality service can also be seen from these things. Having customers who, after a short time, become independent drives us to do our best to provide a high-quality service.

A team effort

Our team is made up of independent traders, trainers and programmers: a mix of knowledge and ideas that together have created an easy-to-use tool, suitable for everyone.

The know-how of these people, professionals and trainers in the field of Technical Analysis, is summarized in the algorithmic code of our indicator, which makes it simple and automatic to intercept the main movements of the stock market.

Not only.
The continuous support of our training team will allow you to grow every day, through learning the dynamics of the financial markets and technical analysis.

Need support?

For assistance requests or simply if you have any questions, please contact us!

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